AwesomeLogs: Logging on crack.

AwesomeLogs make it dead simple to collect logs from your app, and view them in a spiffy yet sophisticated web dashboard. Serious logging, for serious apps.

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Log Levels

Only 3 log levels: Debug, Info & Error. So you don't have to overthink log levels.

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Easy Integration

No need to rewrite your log statements. AwesomeLogs works as-is!

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Console Color

Adds color to your error logs, so they don't get lost amidst debug logs.

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Automatically captures significant event notifications within your app.

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Jump to Source

Easily copy the filename + line number from the web dashboard to jump to your source code.

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Full support for CocoaLumberjack!


Logs show up alongside submitted bug reports in the web dashboard. Here's a preview:


Get started

AwesomeLogs are part of Buglife, and are free to use for everybody.

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