Custom Attributes

Adding custom attributes

You can include custom attributes (i.e. key-value pairs) to your bug reports, as such:

/// Swift
Buglife.shared().setStringValue("2Pac", forAttribute: "Artist")
Buglife.shared().setStringValue("California Love", forAttribute: "Song")
/// Objective-C
[[Buglife sharedBuglife] setStringValue:@"2Pac" forAttribute:@"Artist"];
[[Buglife sharedBuglife] setStringValue:@"California Love" forAttribute:@"Song"];

Removing attributes

To clear an attribute, set its value to nil.

/// Swift
Buglife.shared().setStringValue(nil, forAttribute: "Artist")
/// Objective-C
[[Buglife sharedBuglife] setStringValue:nil forAttribute:@"Artist"];