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Arrow & loupe

Draw arrows to illustrate your point. Magnify pixels with the built-in loupe.

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Automatic blurring of sensitive stuff before screenshots are taken. Boo-yah.

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Custom Attachments

Collect the data you need with each bug report.

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Invite your whole team to collaborate on the dashboard.

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Environment details

Bug reports include battery life, network connectivity, and all that good stuff.

Easy + QA

Easy mode

Users can quickly annotate and describe what happened.

QA mode

Toggle on QA mode to accomodate your quality assurance team.

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Already use a crash reporting tool?

Great! Buglife works alongside crash reporting SDKs and all your other favorite tools. We're here to help you capture all the bugs that aren't crashes.



Buglife is a no-brainer. Critical for developers, easy for users. It just works.

- David Hart

Hotel Tonight

This thing f***ing rules.

- Doug Suriano


By the way, we love Buglife. 😍 I don't think I've ever seen people this thrilled to get bug reports.

- Joe Fabisevich


Buglife is a ‘desert island’ tool for mobile development - it’s one of the few you take with you if you have to choose. It completes a feedback loop with your users that perfectly complements analytics and crash reporting.

- Jason Kozemczak


Submit a bug report from your phone, and it immediately shows up in your favorite issue tracker. We're always working on adding more integrations. Got something in mind? Let us know

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