The awesomest way to report bugs in your app.

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Our Platform

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Seamlessly gather annotated screenshots, screen recording, and feedback.

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Automatically collect logs, events, and environment data.

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Get rich, detailed bug reports pushed your email & other collaboration tools.


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Rich Integrations

Get all your data pushed to your existing collaboration tools.

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Custom Forms

Configure different forms for beta testers, quality assurance, and end users.

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Open Source

Extensibility & trustworthiness baked in.

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Customize Buglife to match your app's look & feel.

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Field Mapping

Map custom form fields in Buglife directly to fields in Jira or Zendesk.



Buglife is a no-brainer. Critical for developers, easy for users. It just works.

- David Hart

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This thing f***ing rules.

- Doug Suriano


By the way, we love Buglife. 😍 I don't think I've ever seen people this thrilled to get bug reports.

- Joe Fabisevich


Buglife is a ‘desert island’ tool for mobile development - it’s one of the few you take with you if you have to choose. It completes a feedback loop with your users that perfectly complements analytics and crash reporting.

- Jason Kozemczak

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